Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Goddess Has Revealed To Me No Opinion On 'The DaVinci Code.'

Greetings, beautiful traveler. I greet you with the holy word 'love.'

Last Sunday as I drove around, I passed a number of churches with marquee teasers indicating that their sermons for the day intended to discuss 'The DaVinci Code.' The signs bore messages like, "The DaVinci Cult" and "The DaVinci Delusion."

In response to this, I would just like to say that if Dan Brown wants to write a multimillion-selling novel revealing a disturbing conspiracy at the heart of this website, he should feel free to do so.

Lovingly yours,

A Devotee

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Anonymous said...

Dearest A Devotee,
I am touched by your posts and find value in your thoughts. Truly, I feel connected to you :) Thank you for your generosity in sharing the goddess' love, and the bits of humor as well (particularly the Dan Brown reference). I will follow your travels and vow to commit myself more fully to the three ideals: love, generosity, and thankfulness. I bid you farewell with the holy word ...
A believer