Tuesday, May 01, 2012

What Is Love?

Welcome, beautiful traveler. I greet you with a thought that has closed out my evening.

Love does not consist of finding that one person who completes you. Love is the greater understanding that you are larger than the thoughts and feelings rattling around inside your head, and that to find your larger self, you must connect to others.

In other words, love is not the process of filling a hole within yourself, but the act of embracing your incompletenes and accepting that it can never be solved, because only in your incompleteness are you able to bridge the divides that lie between yourself and your fellow human beings.

Only because you are not whole do you have any reason to touch them. Only because you are not whole are they a blessing for you to delight in. Only because you are not whole are others worthwhile.

Love is the recognition that your own emptiness enables all friendship, all mutuality, all romance, all loyalty, all empathy, all communication -- every bond that we as people may share.

Thank you, goddess of love, for the blank slate with which we may invite you to write your stories upon our hearts.

Lovingly yours,

A devotee