Saturday, May 20, 2006


Welcome, beautiful traveler. I greet you with the holy word 'love.'

In case you're wondering, I'm not entirely comfortable with my observances to the goddess of love. Having lived a life of agnosticism, I find worries thronging at me with regard to adopting a religion, and certainly with regard to inventing one.

What if some existing religion is already correct? Agnostically, I can't deny the possibility. And it's conceivable that a deity who might have tolerated my agnosticism will take offense at my giving thanks to the goddess.

On the other hand, what if my agnosticism is fundamentally correct? Am I throwing aside a true religion to immerse myself in delusion, as I generally believe the substance of most religions to be delusional?

Fortunately, a primary benefit of agnosticism is the ability to shrug and say, "You know what? I really don't know." And given that I don't know, and that my thanks to the goddess have buoyed my spirits, I am willing to accept her even if I have no sense of her reality.

If you're contemplating joining me, and worry about whether your own religion can coexist with acknowledgements to the goddess of love, I would suggest that any conflict is a strictly one-way affair.

The goddess is not a jealous goddess. She gives, or gives not, without regard to what faith you profess. Your prayers do not entice her to give. Your thanks do not make her love you any more or any less. The giving of thanks is for your benefit. It is meant to provide a feeling of connection to her - to remind you of all that you have been gifted with.

If your current religion forbids you to believe in other gods, then I certainly can't advise you to take up the path that I have. But be aware that the goddess does not require you to abandon any belief in order to offer your appreciation to her.

Lovingly yours,

A Devotee

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