Friday, September 19, 2008

A New (to Me) Literary Form

Welcome, beautiful traveler. I greet you in a mood of experimentation, having recently come across a previously unfamiliar style of writing. The goal is to write a complete story in exactly 55 words, and I decided to try it.

Trouble came looking for me one day with sunglasses on and sunscreen. 
(That's because I like to stay where it's bright 
and make things hard on Trouble.)
I hid, and didn't feel guilty about it.
I mean, it's not like Trouble
has any difficulty finding company.
Maybe I'm wrong, though.
Maybe even Trouble
gets lonely.


Thank you, goddess of love, for new things found in blogs and elsewhere.

Lovingly yours,

A devotee


Mona said...

Trouble getting lonely?

Bored is more like it. It seems to want variety all the time! :D

Akelamalu said...

Misery loves company and so does trouble apparently! LOL Great 55 and I still haven't figured out how to put a link in comments so well done. Perhaps you can tell me how to do it?

Devotee said...

Thanks, mona and akelamalu!

One thing is for sure - trouble seems to be like Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and Miss Marple all trying to one-up each other. It tends to find what it wants to . . .

To put a link in comments, the tag inside the first set of brackets (less than/greater than signs) is:

a href="url"

The closing tag (again, inside the brackets) is:


Missy said...

Welcome to the world of 55 devotee. If you will put 55 in your titles it will be easier for the players to see it. :)

I love how you worked yours. So nice to have you join in the fun.

Looking forward to seeing your next one.

Best regards

G-Man said...

Oh Yeah....
Awesome 55 there D....
I hope that you get around and read some others. You will see some very diverse styles!
Yours was Excellent!
Thank You so much for playing and visiting me. Have a Great Week-End!

Devotee said...


I'll be sure to put 55 in the title if I post any more of them here. I'm on the fence, though, about whether to make it a regular thing, at least on this blog. I've written three so far, and two have been rather depressing, which is exactly the opposite of what I'm trying to do here. They're a lot of fun to write, though, and I'm thinking of starting up another blog for things that are off-topic to this one.


I've been clicking through to various contributors, and I must say that I feel indebted to you for championing this art form! It has really amazed me that so many different things can be said in so many different ways in such a concise form.

Kudos, thanks, and you have a terrific weekend yourself!

Strumpet said...


Your 55 is The Shit.

It kicks so much ass.

Like, wow.

I love, love, love it.

It only sucks that it took me so long to get over here to read it.

But, I'm so glad I did!!!

Devotee said...

You should check out the other blog I added, then. More 55s there.