Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sometimes Small Things Are All You Can Do 55

Welcome, beautiful traveler. I greet you with the holy word, "Love." Here are 55 words I came up with tonight.

I have worked today. Devoted time to family. Written at my novel. I am hurt, in wrists and arms. In my psyche. I am tired. Yet I take pains, now, literal pains, to write this for you. You deserve to know someone cares. May I ask, please -- go and let someone else know it too?


Thank you, goddess, for the strength to make an effort, even if only a small one.

Lovingly yours,

A devotee


anthonynorth said...

Good point. It's always good to communicate.

Dr.John said...

Interesting 55. You are doing so much.
Mine is done and posted.

Hootin' Anni said...

this shows great character.

My '55' is posted. Scroll down on the Friday blog or use the link provided at the very top! Have a great weekend.

Fandango said...

You are very brave.
We dragons much like brave.
If we hurt we don't write.
Good 55

Ours is posted.

Akelamalu said...

Simple words that tell so much - great 55!

Mine's up too.

G-Man said...

I know Devo...A labor of love!!
Thank you for making me smile..
Have a Rockin Week-End....Galen

Mona said...

Its good to pass the love on... Great 55ve Devotee!

ciara said...

great job on the 55 :)

paisley said...

timely advise and well taken.

Strumpet said...

Yes, it hurts to write sometimes.

It does, it does, it does.

I HAD to make myself go and write my ramble yesterday because I KNEW I would feel better once I started it up.

I had to prove to myself maybe that I mattered to MYSELF.

It IS so important to let people know you care. It is so very important. Even when it is hard.

I think that when it is the hardest to do that, it is probably the most necessary time to do so.

Also, when it is the hardest to communicate that...whomever is the recipient of such caring, only appreciates it that much more.

And, I appreciate that you wrote this.

Cos you ALWAYS, ALWAYS make me think.

In good ways.

I read your blog, and it guides my thinking to a better path.

Devotee said...

I had to prove to myself maybe that I mattered to MYSELF.

That's one of the most important things any of us can do. Because if you aren't convinced that you matter to yourself, it's very hard for anyone else to convince you that you matter to them (or at all).

Sometimes it's difficult for us to take responsibility for our own happiness. I'm not sure why, but we would rather have happiness bestowed upon us from an external source than generated within us by our own efforts. We want happiness to be easy, but then we find ourselves disappointed when external sources do not sufficiently buoy our spirits.

By wishing for easy happiness, we make actual happiness more difficult.

It's ironic -- but, unfortunately, not the hilarious kind of ironic that gives us the giggles.

Anyway, thanks for your kind words. I am telepathically willing you to remain on that better path of thinking!