Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Seize What You Believe

Welcome, beautiful traveler. I greet you with a challenge that I am attempting to live up to myself.

Objects come and go. You may attain them, they may please you, and then they may break or become lost or develop a depressing malfunction.

People come and go. They may like you, they may love you, they may betray you, they may desert you.

Circumstances come and go. The job you hate may pass; the job you love may hand you a pink slip. A favorite club may close. The town you have come to know like the back of your hand may suddenly put itself in your rearview mirror.

But none of this means that life is a ceaseless parade of dangled hopes and lost possessions. The fact of transience simply is. It is not good or bad, but merely a fact.

And in one critical way, you can stand firm against transience -- against the ephemeral nature of this world.

You can believe in something, and insist upon believing in it, and hold fast to it.

And who knows? Maybe someday that adamant conviction, if properly displayed, will win you the perfect job that you can ride right through to retirement. Will carry you to a place where you can settle until the end of your days. 

Will attract someone who sticks and does not leave.

But even if it doesn't, your belief alone will get you through -- if only you grip it tightly enough and refuse to let go.

Thank you, goddess of love, for the knowledge that I can be larger than this fickle, fleeting world, as long as I simply demand that I be so.

Lovingly yours,

A devotee


Strumpet said...

As usual...

...I simply LOVE this.

I wish I could think this way when I really need to.

I do.

I try.

It lasts for a hot minute.

Lately, I am just not as positive as I have been in the past.

About lots of stuff.

I know transience is a fact of life, but sometimes it really sucks. When a lot of it happens in a short time's hard to look past it sometimes. It's so hard.

Sometimes, I think the only thing you can depend on is yourself.

A belief, or no belief, sometimes yourself is all you've got.

It's just the way it is.

It's better to have that belief of course.

But, even that belief itself is transient, for sometimes it holds strong and true and is always there at the forefront, but sometimes it goes too...and you don't know how to get it back.

But, that's just where I'm at right now.

I'm gonna read this post ten or twelve or twenty or fifty more times and maybe it will start sinking in like it really needs to.



Devotee said...

You hit on a very hard truth there: "sometimes yourself is all you've got."

I've been feeling really wiped out lately, to the extent that I really don't even feel like I've got much of myself left.

And I know that that feeling is b.s., and that I've got quite a few great people I can depend on, and that I, myself, am one of them.

So that's part of why I wrote this post - to remind myself that it takes some muscle to hold onto what's important.

That you have to grip, even if you're tired and you just want to relax and let things go.

Anyway, glad you liked it. You've been turning out some good stuff at your place lately too, even with the crazy-making font issues. Sorry I've been too drained to chime in much.

I'll get my chin back up sooner or later.